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hard ceramic materials: topics by science.gov

hard ceramic materials: Topics by Science.gov

Method for Waterproofing Ceramic Materials NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS) Cagliostro, Domenick E. (Inventor); Hsu, Ming-Ta S. (Inventor) 1998-01-01 Hygroscopic ceramic materials which are difficult to waterproof with a silane, substituted

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hard materials: topics by science.gov

hard materials: Topics by Science.gov

Laser Deposition of Polymer Nanocomposite Thin Films and Hard Materials and Their Optical Characterization DTIC Science & Technology 2013-12-05 visible light on instruments such as microscope tips and micro- surgical tools. Hard carbon known

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hard metal materials: topics by science.gov

hard metal materials: Topics by Science.gov

While these materials are currently employed as electron emitters and abrasives, promising uses of these materials also include catalytic applications for chemical dissociation reactions of various molecules such as hydrogen, water and carbon

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